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K.I.S. Accounting Systems is a team of Tax Agents, Accountants, Consultants, Trainers and Bookkeepers who are Accounting Software Specialists.

We provide remote and onsite support, training, bookkeeping, accounting & Taxation and BAS services.

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Customizing Invoices and Other Sales Forms In QBO

You can customize the style of invoices, sales receipts, and estimates, plus you can control which data entry fields are available on sales forms. To change the style of sales forms: Click the Gear Icon > Custom Form Styles.  To change the Standard style for all types of forms, click Edit. Or, click New style and then select Invoice, Estimate, Quote or Sales Receipt from the list in the dropdown menu to start a new style. On the Customize Form Style page, go through all the tabs at the left to experiment with the changes you can make. For example: Design - click on the following options...

Uncleared Transactions

Once you reconcile an account ALL transactions should be ticked off and there should not be transactions sitting there unreconciled. If there is, then you need to go back into the Reconciliation and choose to reconcile to the same date as the "Last reconciled date", with the Closing Balance entered the same as the Opening Balance. Once the Reconciliation opens up you need to Tick the box "Hide Transactions after the Statements End Date" (at the top right of the reconciliation). This will leave you with all of the Uncleared transactions that shouldn't be there as the account has been...

Inviting a New User into Your Organisation

You need Manage Users access to be able to invite a user into your organisation.   Go to Settings > General Settings > Users and click Invite a User to enter a new user's details.     Name & email addressEnter the name and email address of the user you want to add. The Xero invitation will be sent to the email address you enter.   Access to the accountsChoose a role for the user. The role sets the level of access they have to your Xero organisation to view and enter information or make changes. We recommend you give your accountant or bookkeeper the Adviser user role. This role lets them...

Set up a Product or Service

Log in to QuickBooks Online (https://quickbooks.intuit.com/au/) Choose SIGN IN (top right of the window) and select PRODUCTS AND SERVICES from the drop-down list This will open the PRODUCTS AND SERVICES screen. From here choose NEW to set up a new product or service. Set up a PRoduThis will bring up a window asking you to SELECT A TYPE. There are four types you can choose from. At this point, the set up procedures vary depending on which type of Item you have chosen to set up. Continue to the appropriate procedure...

Set Up a New User in Reckon Accounts (Hosted/Enterprise)

Go to COMPANY/USERS/SET UP USERS AND ROLES Enter the Admin Password This will bring you into the Users tab of the Users/Roles list window. Note: While you are in here delete any users that are no longer working for the business or are no longer using Reckon Accounts, to keep the list relevant To set up your new user, choose either NEW to set up a new user from scratch, or choose DUPLICATE to copy the existing set ups of another user (this is the easiest way to do it if you want to set someone up with the same role) From the Users and Roles window, USERS tab, Highlight the User that you want...

Recurring Transactions

Using the Recurring Transactions feature in MYOB is a very easy way to significantly speed up your data entry process each month. I mean even if you are one of those rare people that love bookkeeping, do we really want to waste hours every year repetitively entering the same transactions over and over again?   Use the Recurring Transaction feature to save all the transactions that are repetitive as Recurring on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or annual basis and more.   The sort of transactions that you can save as Recurring are loan repayments; Hire Purchase repayments; monthly...

How Much Do I Put Away For GST?

HOW DO WE CALCULATE FOR GST? The GST is not just 10% of sales. Tt is 10% of sales, less 10% of the purchases you make that have GST on them. The easiest way and the way I do it for myself, is just see how much GST you end up paying this first quarter, and divide it by 13 and put that much aside each week. If you think your turnover is improving then maybe add a little bit more - you can also reassess this each quarter. I have some clients who make sure that their bookkeeping is totally up to date, accurate and reconciled every week and do a tax summary report and transfer the exact amount...

Merging Lists

You can easily merge SUPPLIERS & CUSTOMER NAMES, ITEMS & ACCOUNTS IN Reckon Accounts. If you find a supplier or customer entered into your Reckon Accounts system with two different names eg. Joe Blogs Lawnmowing Services (Company name) and Joe Blogs (Individuals name) and they are one and the same business then the easiest way to fix this is by simply merging the two into one. This will mean that all transactions that have been entered against both list items, will now be entered against the one chosen list item. To do this go into your Supplier/Customer Centre, select one of the names (the...

Reckon Accounts in the Cloud

A significant number of our clients are now using the Hosted (Online) version of Reckon Accounts. I am using it myself for our own accounting. Some of the advantages of using the online version of the product are: 1.  You can access your Reckon Accounts file from any computer, any where, any time. 2.    Your file is very well protected. It is being backed up every hour on the Reckon servers and is backed up in multiple locations and in multiple countries. Compare that to your own current backup process. 3.   You will be using the Enterprise version of Reckon Accounts. This is currently the...

Zero Dollar Clients in Accounts Receivable

Question: I have got two customers on the accounts receivable list that has nothing owing. I have marked both inactive and they still come up. Any suggestions? Answer: If you double click the amount in the Receivables report you will see there is an amount owing + an amount paid (or credited)both the same amount that negate each other and add up to zero. If it is a payment with an Invoice then just click on the payment to open it and tick the outstanding invoice of the same amount that will be there. This will get rid of it out of your Receivables. If it is a credit with an Invoice then go...

Services We Provide


  • Training – one on one & classroom.
  • Remote Accounting Software Support
  • BAS Preperation & Lodgement. 
  • Pre-Tax/End of Year Preperation
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Setup & Initial Training
  • Health Checks on your Accounting Software. 
  • Management Reporting. 
  • Software Sales and Advice 
  • Support and Membership Opportunities for other independant bookkeepers.
  • Support and Membership Opportunity for other Accountants and Tax Agents. 
We can provide Reckon Accounts, QuickBooks, XERO and MYOB: – Training, Bookkeeping, Accounting, BAS, Taxation and Support to clients in: Wollongong (Illawarra); Sydney; South Sydney; North Sydney; Northern Beaches; Nowra; South Coast; Southern Highlands; Batemans Bay; Newcastle; Dubbo; Wagga; Bathurst; Mudgee; Brisbane;, Melbourne; Hobart; Darwin; Perth; Adelaide; Rockhampton;, Toowomba; Cairns; Canberra and anywhere else in Australia.

This business is owned by Heather Kennedy who is a Registered Tax Agent; Public Accountant member of the IPA; Accredited Consultant with Reckon; a Certified QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor; a partner with MYOB and an Advisor with Xero. 

Ph: 1300 556 360