Click on the Plus (+) sign at the top right of any screen then select INVOICE from the drop-down list

Choose a Customer from the dropdown list (or start typing your customer’s name to search the list)

Tab to the Email field, your Customers email will prefill automatically if you have set up the Customer earlier, otherwise enter your customers email address here. Note: You can also add a CC/BCC at this point.

Tab to the Billing Address field it will autofill if you have set up the Customer Details earlier, otherwise enter your customers Billing Address

Tab to the Terms field. Select the Terms you would like to give your Customer from the dropdown list.

You can set up a simple Term that is due in a specific number of days from the date of the Invoice by choosing ? Due in fixed number of days then typing the appropriate number of days in the DAYS field and choosing SAVE.

Tab to then enter the Invoice Date (in the format dd/mm/yyyy) (or you can click on the Calendar with your mouse and select a date)

Tab to the DUE DATE field. This should pre-fill itself if you have set up the TERMS correctly in Step 6. Alternately you can enter the DUE DATE manually if the Terms are not set up, or you can override the existing TERMS by entering the due date yourself

Tab to the AMOUNTS ARE… field and make sure the appropriate option is chosen from the dropdown list. (This can be set as a default in the Settings). NOTE: When deciding which option you should select keep the following in mind. Decide whether it is best

Tab to the PRODUCT/SERVICE field and choose a Product or Service from the list. If you have previously set up your products and services this should prefill the Description information in the next field. If you have not set these up previously you can 

Tab to the QTY field and enter the quantity of the service you are providing The RATE field should prefill automatically if you have set up your Products/Service Items with default amounts, otherwise enter the Rate here. The AMOUNT field will calculate 

Tab to the GST field and choose the appropriate GST code from the dropdown list. Your options are GST (10%), GST free (0%) or Out of Scope (0%)

NOTE: When deciding which option you should select keep the following in mind. – GST (10%) should be chosen if your business is registered for GST and the product or service you are selling is deemed to include GST as per the GST legislation. – GST free

FINAL STEPS – Check that the SUBTOTAL, GST, TOTAL and BALANCE DUE are correct. – You can also add a message to the Invoice and/or the Statement that will be sent to the customer. – You can also add an ATTACHMENT to the invoice at this stage

SAVE YOUR INVOICE You can choose from Save, Save and Send, Save and Close or Save and Share links. From this final section you can also PRINT OR PREVIEW your Invoice, CUSTOMISE the look of your invoice, OR set it up as a RECURRING Invoice if it will be