To clear an old bill from accounts payable that shouldn’t still be there, and is dated in a Closed period, do the following:


STEP 1:    Do a journal entry to reverse them. Date the journal the 1st day of the quarter that is NOT CLOSED. The journal entry would be:


            Debit                                                                                                    Credit

Accounts Payable       (THE TOTAL AMT OF THE BILL)       

(you must put the supplier name against this line) 

                                                                                                The original expense account    (FOR THE GST

                                                                                                                                       EXCLUSIVE AMOUNT)  

                                                                                                                   with the original GST code (ie. NCG)


For example:

                                      Debit                                                                           Credit


Accounts Payable       $220.00      (Supplier Integral Energy)     


                                                                                                    Electricity       $200      NCG        (GST amt $20.00)  




        STEP 2:    Once the journal is done, go into pay bills and select the bill (which will still be sitting there) and apply the credit just done, to the bill (using SET CREDITS) at the bottom of the bill payment screen.