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K.I.S. Accounting Systems is a team of Tax Agents, Accountants, Consultants, Trainers and Bookkeepers who are Accounting Software Specialists.

We provide remote and onsite support, training, bookkeeping, accounting & Taxation and BAS services.

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Which MYOB Product do I need?
Which MYOB Product should I use?


Do you need multiple users accessing your data at the same time?

If so, then you need a multi-user accounting system - MYOB AccountRight Premier.

How many employees do you have?

Even as few as three employees (yourself included) can be a paperwork nightmare in paying those employees and reporting to the tax office. If you want to automate your payroll and your accounts you should consider MYOB AccountRight Plus or above. It combines all of the features of MYOB AccountRight Standard as well as time billing and a fully integrated Payroll.

Do you deal with more than one currency?

If you need to work with Multiple Currencies then you will need MYOB AccountRight Premier.

Do you need Time Billing?

If you would like to enter timesheets and convert these to invoices, bills and pays then you will need MYOB AccountRight Plus or Premier.

What type of business do you have?

One of the simplest ways of classifying businesses is to break them into these two categories:

Item-based businesses -- sell goods (and perhaps services) and need to keep track of inventory levels.

Service-based businesses -- provide services (and perhaps goods) but don't require inventory tracking.
If you have an item-based business then you will need MYOB AccountRight Standard, Plus or Premier. Not only do these allow you to keep track of inventory but they have some other powerful features required by businesses which deal in items such as;

·         Automatic-build, buy or backorder

·         Comprehensive purchasing

·         Automatically calculates volume customer discounts

·         and more…

If you have a service-based business you can use any of the range from MYOB AccountRight Basics, upwards, depending on your other needs. MYOB Live Accounts would also be suitable for a simple service based business if you would like to work "in the clouds" (online).

You can start out with MYOB Accountright Basics and easily upgrade to other MYOB products.

Do you want to work online?

If you would like to be able to access your datafile from anywhere and have the security of knowing that your data is safe and secure on the MYOB servers then you should consider using MYOB Live Accounts. MYOB Live Accounts is only a simple system, ideally suited to small service based businesses and does not have Inventory Management, Time Billing or Multi-currencies.

Watch this space however, as MYOB will shortly be releasing Cloud (Online) versions of their usual range of software which will give you all of the MYOB's features on a secure, cloud based platform.